We are looking to develop a resilient and outcome focussed Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Service that focuses on our customers' needs.

We will do this by embedding a constructive culture in which staff are empowered to work in a collaborative and cohesive way where everyone  knows the behaviours and responsibilities expected of them, as outlined in our core competencies framework.

The Royal Borough of Kingston finds itself at a pivotal point of change, the Draft London Plan provides a strong indication that the number of households in the borough is predicted to rise significantly over the next two decades with housing targets expected to increase from 643 units to 1,364 units per year. Over the London Plan Period to 2031 Kingston will be expected to build approximately 23,000 new homes and a target of 50% affordable housing. The role of the service is pivotal to achieving good growth within this context.

Key also will be the ability to deliver the projects and programmes set out in the borough’s Economic Growth & Development Strategy 2018-25, with a strategic focus on the delivery of affordable employment space, capitalising on business successes and the application of SMART CITY principles to promote employment growth.

The Council is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for our communities. To do this the Council needs people who thrive in a networked organisation are highly motivated, creative, and able to prioritise a varied and challenging work programme. For the right individuals we offer competitive salary, agile working and the opportunity to work with like-minded people based in one of the most attractive places to live in the country.


The Council is committed to developing the local economy and has a strong track record of delivering real improvements for those who visit, work, live and do business in the town. Kingston upon Thames is amongst the top three retailing destinations in London and has been classified as a Sub-Regionally Strategic Employment Location to assist regeneration and encourage growth in key sectors and clusters. The Kingston economy is diverse and has a broad based economy built on the success of major retailing investors and small to medium sized enterprises. The challenge now is to ensure that these companies remain and grow in Kingston and that the town centre continues to be relevant and provides a high end quality retailing offer, whilst further developing high-growth and knowledge based sectors by attracting new enterprises and assisting start-up and small businesses. Developing partnerships is central to this role as the Council continues to work in collaboration with key stakeholders such as Kingston First (BID) the local university and college, job centre and other service providers to deliver projects and initiatives that benefit the local businesses community.

A range of new exciting roles have been developed which seeks to provide resilience as well as ensuring we maximise the opportunities of digitalisation, partnership working and providing excellent customer service.

A brief overview of our sites and locations is below and here, with more details of exciting projects we're currently delivering on Our Projects page.



Location - Kingston Town Centre

Size - 1.9 hectares

Use - Mixed use

Ownership - Kingston Council

Ashdown Road Car Park

Location - Kingston Town Centre

Size - 0.7 hectares

Use - Principally a surface level car park

Ownership - Kingston Council

Guildhall Complex

Location - Kingston Town Centre

Size - 9125 sqm

Use - Mixed use

Ownership -

The Exchange Workspace

Location - Kingston Town Centre

Size - 800 sqm

Use - Flexible B1 office space

Ownership - 

Conquest House and Kings Place

Location - Kingston Town Centre

Size - 98,209 sqm

Use - Predominantly office with some retail space

Ownership - Kingston Council



Location - New Malden

Size - 5.6 hectares

Use - Mixed use

Ownership - Public and Private, 5 hectares owned by Kingston Council

Small Sites Programme

Location - Borough-wide

Sites identified - 300 Council owned sites

Potential number of homes across all sites - up to 1000

Cambridge Road Estate

Location - Norbiton

Size - 8.6 hectares

Use - Approx. 2000 new units, community facilities & green spaces

Ownership - Kingston Council

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