A selection of our challenges & opportunities (from our Corporate Plan ‘Making Kingston Better Together’)
  • Moving the council onto a secure and sustainable financial footing. In 2010, the council received £66m from Government. By 2018 that had been cut to zero.

  • Growing population & demand for services.

  • Make effective use of council-owned land to deliver as many truly affordable homes as possible across the borough.

  • Reshaping commissioning and contract management to deliver more effective outcomes using the same or less resources, including through a corporate framework and approach.

  • Develop a framework that maximises social value from all third party relationships to benefit Kingston communities and businesses.

  • An approach to organisational development that drives transformation and delivers the culture change we want – ensuring our workforce reflects our community.

  • Determine where efficiencies can be made and how services can be delivered differently.

  • Actively manage our property portfolio to drive up value, increase income where desirable and improve services for our residents.

  • Invest in the borough’s essential infrastructure to support our growing population - schools; health, community and leisure facilities; roads and transport - with developers paying their fair share.

  • Make it easier for residents and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle more and dispose of their waste efficiently; and keep the borough’s streets clean.

  • Protect Kingston’s parks, green open spaces, and biodiversity, for current and future generations to enjoy, and for its benefits for our health and well-being.

  • Invest in sustainable transport – including cycling and electric vehicle charging – to reduce reliance on high polluting vehicles to tackle air pollution, with a fair approach to traffic enforcement designed to keep the borough moving.

  • Create the environment for thriving local businesses across a range of sectors across the borough.

  • Work with local partners and neighbouring boroughs to support people to develop the skills they need to enter employment.

  • Review the council’s approach to voluntary and community sector grants and commissioning to focus on improving value for money and the delivery of our strategic outcomes, with an emphasis on celebrating volunteering.

  • Maximise civic engagement through participatory democracy projects, including Citizens Assemblies and open democracy platforms.

  • Strengthen the role of Neighbourhood Committees to enhance local decision making, with greater flexibility to respond to local issues.

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