Our Vision and Priorities

Our vision for the borough is:

Kingston will be a vibrant, diverse and inclusive borough, where residents are active, empowered, engaged and able to remain independent and resilient.

Our vision for the council is:

Kingston Council will be financially and environmentally sustainable, working transparently and collectively in the best interests of Kingston’s residents, partners and businesses.

In achieving this vision, we will focus on:

Getting the basics right; providing value for money local services; embracing new technology in service design and delivery; and ensuring that decisions are inclusive and to the benefit of our vibrant and diverse communities.

Outcome 1

A sustainable approach to new homes, development and infrastructure which benefits our communities, in a well maintained borough.

Outcome 2

A safe borough which celebrates our diverse and vibrant communities, with local priorities shaped through participatory democracy.

Outcome 3

Healthy, independent and resilient residents with effective support to those who need it most.

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