Our Ambition

The strength of Kingston’s relationships with its communities across the borough - residents, businesses and the voluntary sector - lies at the heart of everything the council wants to achieve. Kingston is a successful place because it has adapted and changed throughout its history. The council wants to continue that journey and, whilst the Corporate Plan is still being developed, the new administration’s manifesto has identified the following key outcomes Kingston wants to strive for with its communities:

  • Community engagement in everything we do

  • Overcome our financial challenges by maximising independence and increasing income

  • Ambitious environmental plans

  • Create new affordable homes, co-designed with our communities

  • Work with partners across the public, private and voluntary sectors

  • Not being afraid to lobby for what we want.


Kingston Council is working to reinvent itself to ensure that all resources are used to best effect. Rather than simply cutting costs and making savings, we want to set a path to financial security. To be successful, we need to transform into a high-performing, networked organisation with a highly constructive culture where people truly flourish and reach their full potential.

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